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Last Heroes 4 is the final chapter in the 2D adventure saga
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Last Heroes 4 is the final chapter in the 2D adventure saga. It has simple gameplay mechanics and 90's graphics, but a great emphasis on the story and character development. The story continues right after the events from the third chapter. There is no recap, or prologue, which means that players who are unfamiliar with the series so far, will experience difficulty understanding the story.

The game is pretty much like a chapter in a bigger overall game. Because of this, there is no tutorial and it starts at a more advanced level, getting more difficult as you play on. Because the game is designed in this way, it should be possible to import your characters from the previous game, thus keeping their level and items. However, this is impossible, and even for players who are familiar with the series, it can get frustrating to start all over again with the same characters, but without items and again at the first level.

The gameplay mechanics is just alike as in the previous games. The combat system is still turn-based and there are few new magical abilities. Basically the only things that are changed are the terrain and some new monsters here and there. Sequels should also try and improve on the previous game to continue the story but not focus just on it.

The graphical engine is the same, but there're some new background songs added. The downside is that some of these songs can be annoying sometimes, and there are no sound options. This means that you need to manually change the volume from Windows's own volume mixer if it bothers you. more

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  • Great story


  • Doesn't have a tutorial
  • No new gameplay mechanics



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